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Mar 13, 2015

What happen to me and my post on 2013 and 2014

I know you guys wanna ask me, WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN??
yeah, i missed you guys too :)

Well.... hello, back ain't i...

yeah, actually i haven't post anything those 2 years, it been a busy worst year of my life.

2013 is the worst, and 2014 is a recovery year from the disaster of 2013.

and 2015 I'M BACK Baby...!!!

man, Years are running faster than Eminem's Rap...!!!


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Mar 2, 2015

What is 3G / 4G / 4G LTE

What is 3G / 4G / 4G LTE 

 Probably you kids would be wondering what the hack it is, or just proud to show your friends that you had a 4G when your friend only had a 3G.

 So imma about to give some lesson for those brats who has no clue about it;

 First of all you should know there's Two basic technologies in mobile phones, CDMA and GSM.

 I'm not gonna waste my time here and talk about CDMA which we're not using in Malaysia, if you're from united state and uses AT&T and T-Mobile you're at the right place.

Anyway, well, when i ask you the abbreviation  of the GSM you probably would say Global System for Mobile Communications

Well that is a bullshit....its originally called as a Groupe Sp├ęcial Mobile because its originated from Europe :) Yes it's in french...of course...Jesus...!!!

I'm not gonna brag about history here, let me come to the point.

3G is a 3rd Generation of a GSM technology,

Introduced in malaysia by around the 2007 if im not mistaken, With minimum consistent Internet speeds of 144Kbps. But now it reaches to 400kbps.

4G is a 4th Generation of GSM technology

New generations usually bring new base technologies, more network capacity for more data per user, and the potential for better voice quality, too.

Where 4G suppose to be faster which which works with HSPA+ 21/42, the now obsolete WiMAX. ( I know you have no Clue what im saying so skip this technical part you noob)

Many people consider LTE is a 4G technology.

Generally, if a cellular provider, provides 4G network without mentioning LTE, they are probably talking about a High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) network. The HSPA network is a faster version of the 3G GSM network.

Which means you are paying for a rotten old slower improvised GSM technology for higher price :)


It can be up to ten times faster than 3G. Activities that require large amounts of data, such as streaming movies, work very well in it.

is it clear......???? good...

Very soon you will heard about LTE and Wi-Fi Link Aggregation (LTE - U), which gonna make more unexpected surprises.


When service provider claim to have broad nationwide 4G coverage.  They may really be taking about HSPA coverage and not LTE coverage. So beware of it....

Currently im using, Service provider: DiGi-Postpaid which provides LTE services and since Last February(2015) they now had a LTE services for prepaid users too...

So if you wanna try the LTE, should i tell you how... Just buy the phones that support LTE, like iPhone 5, 5s, 5c, Iphone 6, 6 Plus....
Other than phone: iPad Air, Ipad Air 2.

How about other brand than Apple???
 How the F' i know... Check the brochures, online or ask that Leng Chai / Leng Loi  at the store...

.....I think i'm done here.....So that's it....chowwww....

Thumbs up if you like the information that i shared and feel free to share around too, its Free Tho :)

Aug 23, 2012


Well, hey yo!!.....yeah...back with good mood..... :)

Anyway, thought wanna talk about the business life of mine...i'm not gonna brag or promote about MLM or their products here..!!! i'm gonna talk about how it effect people i mean how it effected me..!!! and changes that it made to my life..!!! <THE WORST PART OF COURSE>

You could thinking about, have i done any MLM business before?, Yes, i have, only ONE..!!! i don't wanna mention the company or their product name here..Because it's not that famous..!! :p

Anyway, friend of mine was one of my downline, we worked together and moved all fine with daily motivation by the uplines and mentor "That's what they call, the people who recruit you", so on that time, i was handling my own computer business with my friend the one that i said i put him as my downline........  You won't believe every cents from the computer business we spent on the MLM....It was 4 years back, they said the company that i joined in for the MLM business, is the sun-rising business and a pioneer, and they promised that it's the first company in the MLM business that have a product on education, "Yeah, i know you guys are started to guessing the product"...anyway ...Yeah, that's the way they impress people... Me and my friend believed that, because it was our first step in business life....

So the hours gets into, days, days get into, weeks, and months....No new recruitment at all...As like you guys knows...With all the MLM businesses we got to recruit new people in it...With some certain periods...When you don't, you'll sometime get flushed / will be in bad situation that you could lost that profile in that business....And the worst part is...when your upline knows this...You'll feel like your life is in the HELL...!!!! Because they'll started to scared they'll lost income, and will lost downlines...and they'll start to scold you or name you as SLEEPING PARTNER / SLOW RUNNER and so on....There's much in their dictionary...They'll always ask you to speak POSITIVE, THINK POSITIVE but what'll they do is call you as a SLOW RUNNER..!!! and they'll'll do your best if they call you like that...

You won't believe that me and my friend was brainwashed until we stopped concentrating in computer business.....We made so much sacrifices, like my friend he's from the rural area and far from town, he came down to my home and stayed with me, "Actually, he had a car, so that made easy for us to bring our clients to our support center"  

Even sometimes when we bring our clients to the speech, "Well, you know, you got to pay the bill for your clients..." so me and my friend there, will look each other and won't make any orders...Than just having a drink, but most of the time when you have a bad day, the clients will make some expansive orders, "Yeah, i heard you're saying...DAMN That's what happened to me...Well, you know the faith plays well in it" . 

That's the normal routine.....We'll have clients that attending the speech all of the time but will have no one signing up the form....Day after day...the situation gets worst and of course...we ran out of cash....and comes the misunderstanding...with me, my friend and my upline...

So, the business was not like they said, It's not a sun-rising business, because there's already another MLM company who's the owner is the Former Accumulated Millionaire from the MLM that i'm in have the same product and can be said more good than this....So i'm a guy good in computer technology "It's what my friends say", so when i started to promote their product, i figured out their disadvantages, and believe me or not IT'S ALOT...ALOTTTTTT...

I started to wonder what the impact it to cause to the customers in the future...And if i sell it to my cousins or friends, how they gonna accept it when they find-out the disadvantages of it....And how i'm gonna face them.....

So finally, we say good bye to that MLM business, me and my friend there made a decision that we're not good for the MLM business......." I would like to clear this thing out here to some people out there, NOT ALL THE PEOPLE WILL BLAME THEIR FAILURE INTO THE BUSINESS THAT THEY HAD FAILED!!!, and i'm not blaming the business either, i'm not saying i have failed i'm just saying i'm not good for MLM..." so, we decided this decision stays forever and nothing can change it...

Here i,  would like to say something from my experience, "IF YOU HAVE A TALENT, YOU DON'T NEED BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY TO BE LOOKIN, BECAUSE IT'LL LOOK FOR YOU", you know what i mean...... 


Sow what i learn from it... 

  • There's much, But i can't say that the MLM business life is taught me this, HELL NO, what i'm gonna say Is i learned it by myself....comeone i don't have any down line, you talking about MLM taught me leadership...GO to hell..!!! :)

So, the moral of the story, when you have a talent to be a boss, why waste it by doing like these promoting business...I know they said you're boss to your self when you join this business... HELLO, WAKE UP..!!!! YOU'RE PROMOTING OTHERS PRODUCT AND IS THAT NOT MAKES YOU WORKING UNDER SOMEONE.....If you don't sell it or not recruit newbie, will your upline kept quiet???? No right, so you tell me, ARE YOU BOSS TO YOUR SELF???

Anyway, good luck for finding it out...!!!!!  so No offense to the well groin i mean grown business maggots i mean.....MAGNETS in MLM....i know your current ACCUMULATED bank balance is higher than mine, yeah, i'm sure of that...But i know one thing....that i'll have a steady income that i can accumulate it when i was old enough and i'm sure even you born again to do this MLM you can't beat that number..!!! 
BECAUSE I BORN TO OWN YOU, The Entrepreneur...that makes you promote my product :)

Alright that's for now.....And i'll be back not only to write in here....

Aug 10, 2012


Well.....hello...peepz......After a long gap I've started to talk back :)
.......I wasn't sure this is a feeling or something told me to...ah....i'm talking about my writing mood...anyway....

so i was wondering what should i write, and i have no idea...complaint, or brag about something that i don't like/understand....or something that i can't tell anyone about it :) NOWAY, that's secret....

anyway, yeah...the dream part, it didn't stop until now, I still having that TSUNAMI and world Apocalypse nightmare....I actually came out from my childhood nightmares by being brave, but in this case i have no idea how can i defeat this feeling....and i'm not sure how long it gonna hunt me...I wish i have a gut to defeat this feeling....Sometimes i was like out of mind and thinking that if i were a son of god i mean like demigod isn't that would be better, i can be like son of Poseidon :) hahahaha yeah, control the ocean, talk with dolphins and i could have a Pegasus i mean Unicorn.....But that's not the point....i think that's the only way i can come out of these nightmares.....
Seriously,I need to talk with psychiatric, before i go crazy....

(Story about my apocalypse dream you can read it here:

Anyway....just thought wanted to write about my experience of things that i went through from last January until July....2012... :)

So the thing starts like this:-  

     Started my last semester at college, having pleasant and bad memories, well that is the part of life as we know....But, yeah, i went through it....with bless of lord and with a help of my friends and lectures....So the semester went fine, with heartache and success....The part that I'll remember till the last is the day when i was prepared and ready to sit my CCNA exam, i got a call from my mom about my dad that he's involved in a car accident and had a Stroke that caused his left arms paralyze...So, my life changed from that turning point...I mean changed a lot..Well, i thought it changed only mine, but it did changed all of my siblings too...Changed into good or bad, it's too personal...But yeah, It did changed them...
Well,for every child their father is their first hero...But for me, he's the one and always will be....

So basically you can get the picture of my situation....well, if you don't i don't have any other way to explain it to you...Just take it as, people who lived with a normal life with blessed wealth by the lord....And now they lost their supply, you know like there's no've to survive with what's left and what you saved for this long....So it's something like that...anyway....

So speaking about success, my final project made a huge turn out of my life....If you asked me, i know i did my level best, and i know all the lectures know it too...I didn't expect much from them, like "hey, i'm good at this talk about me to the juniors....or give me a certificate to evaluate my skills..." all i asked and hoped from them is to give me a good mark, that's all...
But yeah, you know...god plans, sometimes will bring us to the worst moments....So my lectures selected about 6 Projects from my class and find the 3 best out of it. Where it'll be evaluated by the Professional's from big IT companies, and my project is selected for that competition....The best part is, once all the evaluation is done, the examiner reported to my lecture that my project is a copied version from the internet. I would appreciate if they have complaint about any professionalism,or imperfections....but what they did, really insults me and my talent, i tried to talk with my lectures some supported me because they was there from the first start of my project till the end, i can't blame them but the management didn't take a chance to apologize or cheer up their student who been accused to made a fake project even though they know it's not true...That's what made me really unsatisfied...But i got to be honest i got a straight 'A' for that subject....And my lecture selected my project as the 3rd Best of all projects in the department, i know that's to just cover up the incident.....After that everyone looks like forgot about it even my team mate....But for me that incident i tattoo it inside of me,As an insult of my talent....I'm glad to say this that i submitted my final project to software company as like SOFTPEDIA and MICROSOFT they rated my project as a 4 star over 5, and certified that it's  clean and no plagiarism found in source codes/any part of the program....and they gave me a opportunity as MICROSOFT Registered Partner.... as you can see i'm starting up my own APP production company soon  (in 2015 now its called: http://www.Heuristic-technologies.Com )

But anyway....From every bad incident we can learn something, can be said we are being taught something...It always lead us into a path of success....So now here i am....A CEO/FOUNDER of an growing company, and a upcoming writer. Yeah, about the writer thing, i'm for a long time writes, articles,poems, quotes, scripts for telemovies and now started to write novels and short stories....But yeah, i'm currently waiting for the ISBN to release some of my creation called JACKY AND THE ORPHANAGE BOY and THE MUSHROOM, regarding writings you can check my writing stuffs at web page: .  So, as for now.....While all this going on, as like i said my family lost the source of supply, so i need to find know what i mean.....yeah, Job...!!!

so, now i'm applying, applying, interviews, interviews, and still applying...
I started to to question my self, DID LORD FORGET TO CONTINUE TO WRITE PLANS FOR ME....hahahaha, am i sound like the guy who always depends on faith? if i do, it's not your fault, because you don't know me.....Actually i'm not the guy who depend on faith and EXPECTING something will good happen tomorrow, i'm a guy who made things right today and decide what the good thing that WILL happen to me tomorrow....

I would like to end this post here, but there's a lot to write, i'll save it for next time.....

So last but not least, When there's something happens and it's away out of your hand, it means it's a sign from the lord that everything works according to his plan...But you should realize when you have a chance to grab a opportunity/solve a problem, that's the sign from the lord, that he let you to choose your path, i mean it's sign that you are allowed to change your i know not all the time everything works to the plan, right....?

And dad, i may not say all the time i loves you or hug you....but i loves you more than you know....thanks for using all your your strength and valuable time for us....I guess it's our time to do the favor....God bless you....and thanks for everything......

:) thanks for reading guys, THANK is in sad mood, but it'll be fine...Will come back as the old till then...Bye....

Feb 24, 2011

Guess what, Cannon Launches New DSLR Today!!!!

Canon launches new entry-level DSLRs

EOS 600D


Well, i always had a plan to get one, can be said it's my dream, but i think very soon i'll get it...!!!

Canon Marketing Malaysia has announced two new DSLR cameras, the EOS 600D and EOS 1100D. Canon said both cameras are designed for entry level photo enthusiasts looking to upgrade from a compact model to their first DSLR camera.

The EOS 600D has an 18-megapixel CMOS sensor while the EOS 1100D comes with a 12.2-megapixel CMOS sensor. Both cameras have a nine-point autofocus system to swiftly track and focus on moving subjects.

For capturing moving subjects, the EOS 600D can shoot at a continuous burst of up to 3.7 frames per second (fps) while the EOS 1100D snaps at 3fps. The 600D also comes with a built-in wireless flash transmitter that can be used to control multiple flash units.

The DSLR cameras are backed by Canon's Digic 4 image processor, enabling them to process photos faster and reduce noise at higher ISO levels, the company said.
EOS 1100D
Designed for beginners, the EOS 1100D has a redesigned control layout with all buttons arranged on the right side of the camera, allowing for one-handed usage.
Aiding photographers to get unique angles for their shots, the EOS 600D's 3in vari-angle LCD monitor can be folded out and swivelled, thus allowing pictures to be framed at more flexible angles.

Not to be left out, the EOS 1100D has a 2.7in LCD monitor with a wide viewing angle of 170° so users can still see the screen from both high or low angles.

Canon said both cameras' low light shooting performance are enhanced thanks to their higher ISO range with the EOS 1100D having a maximum ISO6400 sensitivity while the EOS 600D has an expanded ISO range of 12,800.

The two new entry-level DSLRs will come with a new "Feature Guide" that displays simple descriptions to all modes and settings in the camera, helping users understand general photography terminology.

The EOS 600D will have a new Scene Intelligent Auto mode that automatically analyses an image to determine the right exposure, focus and white balance settings.

The EOS 600D can also shoot full HD (1,920 x 1,080-pixel) movies and is able to capture videos at a high ISO speed of 6400.

Sample Video

Meanwhile the EOS 1100D is able to record HD movies at 1,280 x 720-pixel resolution. A new video specific feature found on both EOS cameras is the Video Snapshot function that shoots short video clips that are two, four or eight seconds in length. The EOS 600D is able playback both photos and video with accompanying background music. It will come with five preselected tracks and users can import their own music via SD card.

Advanced creative filters are another new feature on the EOS 600D - it gives users the ability to apply effects like soft focus, toy camera, miniature and fish-eye to photos. Aside from the usual black colour scheme, the EOS 1100D is also available in red, brown and metallic gray.

Both cameras are available now with the Canon EOS 600D priced at RM2,999 with an EF-S 18-55mm IS kit lens while the Canon EOS 1100D is priced at RM1,999 with a EF-S 18-55mm IS kit lens.

Info gathered from